Wellpicks: Vancouver’s best dairy-free ice cream

In celebration of yesterday's #nationalicecreamday, I wanted to share my favourite spots in Vancouver to get dairy-free ice cream. While many people don't have problems with dairy, for those that do, ice cream can be particularly hard on digestion. Always on the hunt for great alternatives, finding options for ice cream has been one of my favourite challenges. Whether coconut milk or cashew based, it seems ice cream shops and restaurants are really starting to figure out how to make ice cream you would never know is dairy-free. Here are my favourites.

Friendly ice creamFriendly Snack Bar

Friendly is a great new little plant-based and gluten-free snack bar at Main and Broadway started by the owners of The Wallflower/Smallflower, Zimt Chocolates and vegan ice cream truck, Say Hello Sweets. Their ice cream flavours continuously rotate, but so far I've tried their banana walnut, strawberry and lime coconut-based ice creams, and they are unreal. All their ice creams are also available in gluten-free waffle cones, and to take away in a pint.

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Earnest Ice CreamEarnest Ice CreamΒ 

When I first moved to Vancouver and tried Earnest Ice Cream's (regular dairy) chocolate and salted caramel ice creams, I was convinced it was the best ice cream I'd ever had in my life. So when I went back and tried their dairy-free chocolate ice cream, and found it was just as good, I was pretty excited. Their dairy-free flavours are also rotated, so while you don't know what you're going to get when you walk in, so far I have not been disappointed.


  • 7:30 and the suns still out?! πŸŽ‰
We are open until 10. See you soon! 🍨
  • How about that sunshine today!? Makes us feel like summer is just around the corner. πŸ¦β˜€οΈ
  • Make Monday better? We have the answer - Salted Chocolate Rye Cookie!
  • It feels like a (dairy free) Maple Walnut kind of day!

virtous pieVirtuous PieΒ 

I love Virtuous Pie for so many reasons, but mostly because they took two of my favourite things, pizza and ice cream, and came up with a way to make them dairy-free. Instead of a coconut base, Virtuous Pie uses cashews for their ice cream, serving select flavours each day, but also offering take-home pints. This is not your average ice cream - their flavours include Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Coffee + Donuts, and Charcoal Banana Coconut. Imagine going for pizza and ice cream and not feeling sick or bloated after you eat? Well this is now totally possible.

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  • Get the breath mints handy (or a scoop of our Mint + Dark Chocolate ice cream)! πŸ™Š
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Made with our signature pizza dough, rolled in garlic herb filling, finished with fresh parm, and served with our creamy house-made Garlic Ranch sauce.
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$2 slice/$8 pie
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Rain or shine ice creamRain or ShineΒ 

While Rain or Shine typically only serves one dairy-free option at a time, it's usually some delicious variation of chocolate coconut something, and that works for me. They're also pretty inventive with their seasonal ingredients, and offer a pretty great sundae (complete with dairy-free chocolate sauce). If you want to skip the line, I find the location on Cambie is often way less crowded than the one in Kits, which often has lines down the block.

  • If you’ve tried our Cherry Blossom, then you’ll know it will make your mood and smile bloom! 😍🌸
πŸ“Έ: @itsjosheats @teelythefoodie
  • Cherry Blossom πŸ’πŸŒΈ
In celebration of the Cherry Blossom trees being in bloom, we’ve brought back this beautiful seasonal! We steep Jasmine flowers in dairy base, along with some cherries to add a lot more fruity sweetness to every bite! 
Now @ Cambie, Kits, and UBC
  • The nicest surprise to have the sun came out right in the middle of a rain-filled week! We’ll cheer our ice-cream cones to that 🌞🍦
πŸ“Έ: @vixeats
  • Aren’t you glad you live in a world where ice-cream tacos exist? Hope you have a delicious Taco Tuesday, everyone! πŸ“Έ: @yvreats

Hey KokomoHey Kokomo

Hey Kokomo is a new "plant-focused" cafe that recently opened in Chinatown. What I'm most excited about is that they are the first place in Canada to serve Coco Whip, a vegan, creamy soft-serve ice cream, made with coconut water, vegetable probiotics and no refined sugar. Right now they are only open during the day, but are a great place to escape to on your lunch break or on a Saturday afternoon.

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  • Sun Celebrations now in effect (via @jess_emma_ and this glorious acai bowl) 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
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  • She’s back! Not everyone got a chance to try our Greek Macro last week, so we hit repeat for you. And because we just wanted it all over again!  Greens, rice, lemon roasted potatoes, chunky veg, housemade fermented tzatziki, hummus and tofu feta. Real good.

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